Carlsberg Group Marks Global Beer Responsibility Day with Activities Across the World

On September 16, Carlsberg Group, along with other global and local brewers and brewers’ associations, will celebrate the 2nd annual Global Beer Responsibility Day (GBRD), a worldwide effort to promote the responsible consumption of beer.

The collaboration, which involves activities to combat drink driving and underage consumption through bartender and server trainings and consumer education, helps to advance the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal to treat and prevent the harmful use of alcohol.

Global Beer Responsibility Day 2016 aims to build upon the success and momentum of year one by engaging tens of thousands of brewer employees, more than a hundred governmental and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and half a million retail accounts to reduce the harmful use of alcohol. In addition, brewers, retailers and their partners will aim to directly engage more than 700,000 consumers and reach more than 200,000,000 consumers with responsible drinking messages and activations.

Cees 't Hart, Chief Executive Officer at Carlsberg Group, commented:

“We are pleased to see more and more countries and partners coming on board, as we can only address this important societal issue if we collaborate”.

Activities to celebrate GBRD will take place in 15 Carlsberg Group markets globally and here are some of the initiatives:

Denmark: Carlsberg will provide discounted taxi rides home for the ones who are out enjoying a drink in Copenhagen. There will also be the opportunity to join the volunteers of the Danish organization “the Night Ravens” who walk the streets and engage in dialogue with young consumers, thereby creating a safer drinking environment.

Bulgaria: Carlsberg will partner with Sofia Municipality agencies, NGOs and secondary school management representatives for the prevention of alcohol consumption by minors.

Finland: Sinebrychoff will organise an event centered around sampling of non-alcoholic beer in the center of Helsinki with key customers. The company will also distribute responsible drinking flyers to consumers.

Russia: Baltika Breweries, together with other brewing companies in Russia, will roll out an initiative called 18+ Rules for all – everyone’s responsibility. A company-wide volunteering activity will see employees visit points of sale to raise awareness about the risks of underage selling.

About Global Beer Responsibility Day

Established in 2015, Global Beer Responsibility Day is an annual industry-wide initiative, led by Anheuser-Busch InBev, Carlsberg and HEINEKEN, to highlight and reinforce the responsibility efforts conducted by brewers, wholesalers, retailers, government and enforcement officials, NGOs and other partners. On Global Beer Responsibility Day, the three brewers will showcase and launch a variety of programs aimed at reducing the harmful use of alcohol, including drink driving and underage drinking prevention, server and seller training efforts and consumer education programs, among others.

For more information on how brewers are helping encourage moderate consumption and reduce the harmful use of alcohol, visit the Worldwide Brewing Alliance website.



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Brewers aim to reach 200,000 consumers with responsible drinking messages

Brewers aim to reach 200,000 consumers with responsible drinking messages

Carlsberg UK employees celebrate Global Beer Responsibility Day

Carlsberg UK employees celebrate Global Beer Responsibility Day