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Sail' 22

The Carlsberg Group Strategy

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Embarking on a New Journey

The SAIL'22 strategy was launched in March 2016 with the aim to strengthen our core business, position us for identified growth opportunities and deliver enhanced value for our shareholders.

The ambition behind SAIL'22 is to be a Successful, Professional, and Attractive brewer in the markets we choose to operate.

''With SAIL’22 the Carlsberg Group is embarking on a journey with the ambition to become a successful, professional and attractive brewer in our markets. By strengthening our core, positioning for growth and creating a winning culture, we will deliver improved financial performance and consistent value creation for our shareholders.''

- Cees 't Hart, President and CEO


As a Successful company, we drive top- and bottom-line growth by finding the optimal balance between three key measures: beer volume market share, gross profit after logistics (GPaL) margin and operating profit.



As a Professional company, we excel in our ability to service our broad range of customers, by strengthening our capabilities within consumer insights, customer management, category management and execution and innovation in the logistics’ area.



As an Attractive company, we focus on creating shared value for shareholders, employees and the society. Attractive to shareholders by delivering consistent earnings growth and improving return on invested capital. Attractive to employees by creating a great working environment and actively encouraging a high-performance culture. Attractive to society by having a wider purpose of being responsible and sustainable, which also directly builds on our heritage.

Our Priorities

In order to achieve our ambition, SAIL'22 focuses on four key priorities:

Strengthen Core. We leverage our strong beer brands and market positions to drive growth.

Position for Growth. We drive growth in geographies and segments where we see long-term growth opportunities.

Create a Winning Culture. We have a winning culture to deliver on our choices.

Deliver Value for Shareholders. By delivering the above priorities we want to deliver enhanced value growth for our shareholders.